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PortalHiker open 3D library to everybody, we can bring any 3D character alive with customized movement and bring them to Augmented Reality video recording. Imagination
to Reality
When you’re trying to figure out what is the hottest in gamers' world, or you just want to see what's going on nearby to meet friends, PortalHiker is there. No group chat broadcasts or swiping through stories - with PortalHiker you can easily see the best events and groups around you. No stress. Portalhiker is a metaverse based on our real world. It’s the most fun way to mix real life idea with virtual creature, open your Portalhiker Map and find something you never imagined. All in ONE PortalHiker bring 3D interaction to photos, videos and even letters. Never restrict your idea by the content format. We bring all your familiar experience in one place. But one more dimension.
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